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1. The visitors here are greatly impressed by the fact that _____ people from all walks of life are working hard for _____ new Ma’anshan.

A.\; a B. \;the C. the; a D. the; the

2. _____, a small advertisement held my attention, which read “Easy job. Good wages. No experience necessary.”

A. Looking through the newspaper B. While I was looking through the newspaper

C. To look through the newspaper D. I was looking through the newspaper

3. Hard work, however, does not necessarily _____ much achievement or honor which is expected by someone.

A. stand up for B. come up with C. go after D. result in

4. _____ the aid from the government, the earthquake-stricken area _____ greater loss.

A. Apart from; should have suffered B. But for; would have suffered

C. Thanks to; could suffer D. Except for; would have suffered

5. I doubt if it is _____ for you to read that book again.

A. worth B. worthy C. worthwhile D. valuable

6. _____ her work for the sake of the family years ago, she would be as successful as her husband now.

A. Would she not give up B. If she didn’t give up

C. Had she not given up D. Should she not give up

7. It seems as though the sun _____ round the earth since it rises in the east and sets in the west.

A. circles B. is circling C. has been circling D. were circling

8. If the present unemployment _____ continue, the society would face a more difficult situation.

A. would B. should C. might D. could

9.The climate conference was attended by 11, 000 people, _____ it the largest UN gathering ever held.

A. making B. to make C. made D. to be making

10. The sorry-looking, blackened figure that _____, at once admitted that he had tried to break into the shop during the night but had got stuck in the chimney.

A. ceased B. absorbed C. revealed D. emerged

11. --- Why was the suspect set free?

--- For lack of _____ evidence.

A. solid B. apparent C. ambiguous D. concrete

12. _____ we know that diligent ants live in a highly organized society, it does nothing to prevent us from being filled with disgust when we find they are crawling over a carefully prepared picnic lunch.

A. Unless B. While C. Provided that D. Where

13. ---Would you like tea or coffee?

---_____, just a cup of water.

A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. Each

14. ---Catherine, I have cleaned the room for you.

---Thanks. You _____ it. I could manage it myself.

A. needn’t do B. needn’t have done

C. mustn’t do D. shouldn’t have done

15. We’ll get you informed of the meeting the moment the manager becomes _____.

A. accessible B. useful C. available D. convenient

16. Ten years ago the population of our village was _____ that of theirs.

A. as twice large as B. twice as large as

C. twice as much as D. as twice much as

17. In the cinema, there was an old man _____ beside me.

A. sat B. sit C. sitting D. to sit

18. The multinational corporation is making a take-over _____ for a property company.

A. application B. bid C. proposal D. suggestion

19. —I’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have _____.

—So am I. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them.

A. broken up B. finished up C. divided up D. closed up

20. ---Do you think you could do without help?

---_____. This is not the first time for me.

A. Take care B. Hurry up C. Not exactly D. Don’t worry


Sometimes I really doubt whether there is love between my parents. Every day they are very busy trying to __21__ in order to pay the high tuition for my brother and me. They don’t act in the __22__ ways that I read in books or I see on TV. In their opinion, “I love you” is too __23__ for them to say. Sending flowers to each other on Valentine’s Day is even more out of __24__.

One day, my mother was sewing a quilt. I sat down beside her. “Mom, I have a question to ask you. Is there __25__ between you and Dad?” I asked her in a very low voice. She didn’t answer immediately. She __26__ her head and continued to sew the quilt.

I was very worried because I thought I had __27__ her. I was __28__ and I didn’t know what I should do. But at last I heard my mother say the following words:

“Susan,” she said thoughtfully, “look at this thread. Sometimes it __29__, but most of it disappears in the quilt. The thread really makes the quilt __30__. If life is a quilt, then love should be a thread. It can hardly be seen __31__, but it’s really there. Love is __32__”

I listened carefully but I __33__ her until the next spring. At that time, my father suddenly __34__ seriously. My mother had to stay with him in the hospital for a month. When they returned from the hospital, they both looked __35__. It seemed both of them had had a serious illness. After they were back, every day in the morning and dusk, my mother helped my father __36__ on the country road.

“Dad, how are you feeling now?” I asked him one day.

“Susan, don’t __37__ me.” he said gently. “To tell you the truth, I just like walking with your mom.”__38__ his eyes, I know he loves my mother deeply.

Once I thought love meant flowers, gifts and __39__. But from this experience, I understand that love is just__40__ the quilt of our life. Love is inside, making life strong and warm.

21. A. keep fit B. rise early C. earn money D. collect money

22. A. magic B. romantic C. fantastic D. attractive

23. A. simple B. easy C. relaxing D. luxurious

24. A. the question B. question C. reach D. control

25. A. feeling B. love C. quarrel D. smile

26. A. raised B. shook C. nodded D. bowed

27. A. hurt B. injured C. wounded D. harmed

28. A. in great surprise B. in a great embarrassment

C. with deep depression D. at extreme sorrow

29. A. happens B. comes about C. appears D. occurs

30. A. warm and soft B. hot and hard

C. thin and cool D. strong and durable

31. A. somewhere and sometime B. anywhere or anytime

C. more or less D. here and there

32. A. inside B. outside C. faraway D. nearby

33. A. could believe B. couldn’t understand

C. wouldn’t recognize D. might know

34. A. got sick B. got stuck C. threw up D. became disabled

35. A. quite healthy B. very pale C. fairly red D. much surprised

36. A. jump high B. go hurriedly C. run fast D. walk slowly

37. A. think about B. talk with C. worry about D. laugh at

38. A. Reading B. Seeing C. Saying D. Writing

39. A. fresh roses B. gold ring C. sweet kisses D. beautiful jewelry

40. A. a thread B. a needle C. the cloth D. the cotton



Look closely at your hands-are they clean? It doesn’t matter how many times you wash your hands. They’re still crowded with microbes, which are also called germs or bacteria. Microbes are everywhere. But don’t worry-most microbes don’t harm you, and many actually help you stay alive.

Now, scientists say the microbes that live on our hands could be useful in a surprising way: fighting crime.

When police visit the scene of the crime, they often look for fingerprints to try to identify the criminal. But according to a recent study, investigators could even use microbes to help break a criminal case.

Everyone has his or her own set of microbes that live on their hands, according to scientists at the University of Colorado. That means a mix of different kinds of microbes on everyone’s hand is unique-much like one’s fingerprint.

The scientists wanted to know whether the microbe mix could be used as a new kind of fingerprint-especially in a crime scene where fingerprints might be hard to find. And policemen use forensics such as studying fingerprints to identify the criminal.

“Microbe fingerprints are harder to hide,” said Noah Fierer, one of the scientists. “You can’t sterilize a surface just by wiping it off.”

His team compared the bacteria on the hands of 273 people to the bacteria found on each person’s computer keyboard. For the study, the keyboard had been used only by the people who were being tested. The study showed that the mix of microbes from each person’s hands matched the mix of microbes on that person’s keyboard. The scientists were easily able to tell the 273 people apart-just by looking at their keyboards.

But there are a lot more than 273 criminals. Other scientists wonder whether the microbe fingerprint can nearly be that useful.

Fierer agrees that scientists have a lot more work to do before the microbe fingerprint will be a useful tool.

41. According to the passage, microbes on people hands _____.

A. do more harm than good B. are easy to get rid of

C. are almost the same D. might help solve crimes

42. The underlined word “forensics” in Paragraph 5 probably refers to _____.

A. a new kind of fingerprint B. the scientific test used by police

C. a kind of bacteria in people’s hands D. a kind of newly invented keyboard

43. What did Fierer’s team find through the study?

A. They could tell who had used which computer

B. They found the criminal among the 273 people

C. Computer keyboard couldn’t help people’s microbe fingerprints

D. People’s hands could be identified by the keyboards they used

44. We can learn from the passage that _____.

A. your microbe will give you away

B. scientists will reach a clear conclusion soon

C. many scientists think microbe fingerprint useless

D. the microbe fingerprint has been used in many cases

45. The passage is mainly about _____.

A. the importance of fingerprints B. how to clean our hands

C. the usefulness of microbes D. different germs on our hands


The following are some famous beaches in America that you can’t miss.

Coast Guard Beach—Massachusetts

For a classical coastal vacation, head to Coast Guard Beach, which has boundless miles of sand. Stop at the Salt Pond Visitor Center to learn about free programs, such as family campfire nights, beach yoga and fishing lessons. Take a ride along the 24-mile bike path or boat through undamaged wetland. The beach has lifeguards, showers and changing rooms. In town, Clam Bar serves children’s meals and has an 18-hole miniature golf course.

Coopers Beach —New York

With the rich and famous along, this wide white-sand beach is a true Hamtons treasures. A tour along Coopers Beach offers the unique view of a seemingly endless Atlantic on one side and historic buildings on the other. The gently sloping (倾斜的) beach has lifeguards, a snack bar, chair and umbrella rentals, and a summer concert series. Allow time for shopping in town on ancient, tree-lined streets like Jobs Lane.

Hanalei Bay Beach —Hawaii

The slow pace of life at Hanalei Bay on Kauai's north shore makes this two-mile-long, half-moon beach at the foot of green mountains and waterfalls the perfect place to stop and step into the sunshine. Beachgoers can swim, body board and learn to surf in summer's calmer waters. In the town of Hanalei, a five-minute walk from the beach, you'll find surf stores, gift shops and so on.

Santa Cruz Bach—California

Home to the last of the great seaside amusement parks on the West Coast, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is family-friendly and feature rides for children of; ill ages and live music events during the summer. Cowell’s Beach, just north of the main beach, provides some of the best conditions for learning to surf on the West Coast. Climb aboard a Roaring Camp Railroads train, which picks up passengers on the boardwalk and takes them into the forest of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

46. If your children are interested in golf, which of the following destinations would be the best choice for you?

A. Coast Guard Beach. B. Coopers Beach.

C. Hanalei Bay Beach. D. Santa Cruz Beach.

47. From the passage, we know that _____ on Coopers Beach.

A. tourists can enjoy summer concerts series without payment

B. tourists can rent umbrellas in case it rains

C. tourists can play in the great seaside amusement park with their friends

D. tourists can get together with their family members in the wetland

48. What can we enjoy on Hanalei Bay Beach?

A. Family campfires and beach yoga.

B. Boating through undamaged wetland and visiting gift shops.

C. Watching waterfalls and swimming.

D. Taking a train trip into the trees.

49. Cowell’s Beach is a good choice for people who like _____.

A. surfing B. riding C. fishing D. shopping

50. Which of the following is TRUE, according to the passage?

A. The endless Atlantic and historic buildings are a unique view on Coast Guard Beach.

B. On Coopers Beach, you can go shopping on modern, tree-lined streets.

C. Live music events take place all the year round on Hanalei Bay Beach.

D. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is situated in California.


You spent lots of time and money shopping online during the past year and somehow your lost track of both.

That’s why when you received their annual statement from Alipay (支付宝), the Chinese third-party online payment platform, you probably got a big surprise.

Chen Si, 23, a senior in Literature of Film and TV at Shandong University of Arts, shared her feeling, ‘Can’t bear to look at it”.

“Many micro-blogget said they would rather ‘cut their hands off’ after, seeing how every cent of their money was spent online shopping last year. I’m one of them,” Chen said.

Last year, Chen spent about 10,000 yuan on Taobao—more than half of living expenses. Chen, Who didn’t buy any expensive items online, had no idea where her money went before seeing the statement.

While many like Chen regret their unreasonable spending, some are making a big deal out of how little they spent. Zhu Siwei, 25, an accountant from Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, spent a total of 489 yuan last year, according to her Alipay statement. Since she posted her consumption status on Sina Weibo, she’s been asked by many fellow micro-bloggers how to save money.

“I am usually busy with work and don’t have that much time for online shopping. I spend most of my money on my personal interests, such as reading books and listening to CDs.” Zhu said.

As Ma Ywt, the CEO of Alibaba.com, an online shopping website, once said: “Shopping online is not a business style or technology, but a way of life.”

An annual statement reflects a person’s consumption habits and lifestyle. But it’s also a warning that, while online shopping provides us with convenience and a refreshing way of living, we should be cautious about our consumption especially when it comes to online shopping where money is just a number.

51. The passage mainly tells us that _____.

A. shopping online is a business style

B. Alipay provides us with convenience

C. annual statement shocks online spenders

D. Alibaba.com is an online shopping website

52. Receiving your annual statement, you got a big surprise because _____.

A. you ignored the time you spent

B. you were robbed of too much money

C. you focused all the time on what you spent

D. you didn’t concentrate all along on what you spent

53. What does the word “it” in Paragraph 3 probably refer to?

A. her feeling B. the payment platform

C. the annual statement D. the time and money

54. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. Zhu Siwei spent most of her money shopping online.

B. Chen Si regrets her unreasonable spending

C. Ma Yun thinks that shopping online is technology.

D. People always make a big deal with little money.

55. In the last paragraph, the author tries to advise us to _____.

A. remember the convenience of shopping online

B. know online shopping is a refreshing way of living

C. learn annual statements reflect consumption habits

D. be careful about our consumption in shopping online


Before going outside in the morning, many of us check a window thermometer(温度计)for the temperature. This helps us decide what to wear. __56__ We want our food to be a certain coldness in the refrigerator. We want it a certain hotness in the oven(烤箱). If we don’t feel well, we use a thermometer to see if we have a fever. We keep our rooms a certain warmth in the winter and a certain coolness in the summer.

Not all the thermometers use the same system to measure temperature. We use a system called the Fahrenheit (华氏)scale. But most other countries use the Centigrade (摄氏) scale. Both systems use the freezing and boiling points of water as their guide. __57__

The most common kind of thermometer is made with mercury(水银)inside a clear glass tube. As mercury (or any other liquid) becomes hot, it expands. As it gets colder, it contracts(收缩). That is why on hot days the mercury line is high in the glass tube. __58__

First, take a clear glass juice bottle that has a cap; fill the bottle with colored water. Tap a hole in the center of the cap using a hammer and thick nail. Put the cap on the jar. Then stick a plastic straw(吸管) through the nail hole.


Finally, place a white card on the outside of the bottle and behind the straw. Now you can see the water level easily.


As the temperature goes down, the water will contract, and the level in the straw will come down. Perhaps you will want to keep a record of the water level in the straw each morning for a week.

A. We use and depend on thermometers to measure the temperature of many other things in our daily lives.

B. Thermometers measure temperature by using materials that change in the same way when they are heated or cooled.

C. Now that you know this rule you can make a thermometer of your own that will work.

D. The water will rise in the straw. As the temperature of the air goes up, the water will expand and rise even higher.

E. They label these in different ways. On the Fahrenheit scale water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. On the Celsius scale water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees.

F. Next, take wax(石蜡) (you may use an old candle if you have one) and melt some of it right where the straw is stuck into the cap to seal (把……粘住) them together.

G. People use thermometers which are made by themselves when travelling around the world.


The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to India’s Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai for their struggles __61__ the suppression (压迫) of children and for young people's rights, __62__ (include) the right to education.

Yousafzai came to __63__ (globe) attention after she __64__ (shoot) in the head by the Taliban two years ago for her efforts __65__ (promote) education for girls in Pakistan.

Through her heroic struggle, Yousafzai has become a leading spokeswoman for girls’ rights to education.According to the Nobel committee, at 17 she’s the __66__ (young) ever peace prize winner.“I’m proud that I’m the first Pakistani and the first young woman or the first young person __67__ gets this award,” she said in Birmingham, England.

She doesn’t believe that she deserves the award but considers __68__ an encouragement to continue her campaign and to know that she isn’t __69__.

Awarding the Peace Prize to a Pakistani Muslim and an Indian Hindu __70__ (give) a message to people of love between Pakistan and India, and between different religions.









Have you ever had a headache during a test? Have you ever been too worried 71. ______

about something that you have a headache or even can’t sleep at night?

If so, then you know that stress is. 72. ______

Not all stress is bad for you. Some kinds of stress can help you get things do 73. ______

better, like when you are running towards the finishing line or when you are

being asked to give a speech to your class. Stress sometimes can help push 74. ______

you to make full preparation for a test. However, too much stress can 75. ______

result in anger, depression and other related problems, which we need

to take serious. 76. ______

There are many things in our life what might cause stress ------ having 77. ______

too much homework, taking a difficult test, and having economic problems. 78. ______

It’s impossible to live in a life completely free of stress, so you should

learn to deal with stress. The best way reduce stress is to 79. ______

have a balance life. If you get enough sleep, eat properly, take more 80. ______

exercise and have enough fun time, you’ll probably feel less stressed.


81.假定你是李华,你所在的学校拟在下个月举办美国电影节(American Film Festival)。请你根据以下要点给你的美国朋友Peter写一封短信,邀请他给学生做一次讲座。信的主要内容包括:







Dear Peter,



Li Hua


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